Houston’s financial sector stands firm as the bedrock of major consumer, business, and government activity and is critical to the city’s economy. Downtown Houston has established itself as one of the Gulf Coast’s largest financial centers with the banking and finance industry spanning the full array of service providers. From prominent global banking and financial institutions to private equity and venture capital firms, Houston’s financial industry is thriving. By capitalizing on the diversity of our city, and the city’s strength as the Gulf Coast region’s largest concentration of skilled talent, the financial sector is a major catalyst for economic growth. Houston’s financial institutions serve local, regional, and global companies by providing access to capital and services to support and bolster research, innovation, and entrepreneurial growth.

Banking and financial services are especially vital to the Houston area’s energy companies. When the energy sector performs well, so does the financial sector. With the city steadily attracting more energy companies, technology start-ups, and other innovative industry jobs, more financial support will be required. Houston is currently among the top 10 cities for financial professionals in the country, as more finance positions are cropping up to support new and established businesses. General accounting and finance positions are being filled quickly, especially with candidates who have knowledge of the laws and regulations that must be followed in the financial sector. Because all businesses in Texas are subject to strict financial laws and regulations, candidates with knowledge in Securities and Exchange Commission policies and structures, government reporting, filing, tax compliance, energy policy, and public companies are in high demand.

Our Consumer Financial Services group provides extensive litigation defense and legal consulting to businesses, companies, and individuals throughout the consumer financial services industry. As the financial services industry continues to adapt to unprecedented change, new regulations and laws, and changing consumer demands, our experienced attorneys are prepared to provide practical, strategic, and tactical advice in a variety of consumer financial services matters. Specific areas of service include administrative investigations, compliance and enforcement, consumer and class action litigation, and mortgage servicing and lender litigation.