personal injuryPersonal injury cases are big business in Texas, and juries can award large amounts to claimants. If your business is involved in a personal injury case, the scary proposition of potentially being on the receiving end of a large judgement should rightfully have you concerned.

The personal injury defense lawyers of Sprott Newsom Quattlebaum Messenger have helped clients navigate when matters are brought, worked with their insurance companies, and guided them through the legal process to protect their assets and their businesses. Shareholders Joel Randal Sprott and Michele Quattlebaum are both Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization – a distinction held by less than 2% of licensed Texas attorneys.

Injured people can be entitled to a variety of forms of financial compensation. Texas’ prolific litigators try to obtain large monetary awards that are not always reflective of the true needs of their clients. We help businesses defend themselves against all types of personal injury claims with an eye toward resolving these matters outside of court whenever possible. If a case does go to trial, we know how to mount a strong defense. We will also review all applicable insurance policies to asses coverage.

Common personal injury issues that arise include:

  • Premises Liability: Just because an injury occurs on a property you own, operate, or manage doesn’t mean your company is automatically responsible for those injuries. We focus on establishing the facts of the case, what parties were involved, and how liability can be mitigated or alleviated entirely.
  • Products Liability: No matter how safe a product is, it can cause injuries if used incorrectly. If a client was damaged by something you manufactured, designed, or sold, we can work with you to determine if you should actually be held liable and show the steps you took to warn consumers or prevent accidents.
  • Motor Vehicle / Trucking Accidents: We work with transportation companies and their insurers to defend our clients at every step of the process. We know there can potentially be many parties involved with liability exposure, but the transportation company often gets blamed first. We fully investigate each incident to create a strong defense for our clients in order to get the most favorable outcome possible.

These are only a few examples, but if your business is involved in any personal injury case, the lawyers at Sprott Newsom Quattlebaum Messenger can help. Most often, these cases are settled with your insurance companies outside of court. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, we are ready to defend your business in the courtroom. We know that personal injury attorneys are trying to paint businesses as uncaring entities, and that makes us work harder to build a strong case showing you were not at fault. Our goal is to help your organization avoid costly litigation, a drawn out court case, or reputational harm.