insurance defense

At Sprott Newsom Quattlebaum Messenger, we have represented the insurance industry since our founding almost 40 years ago. From personal injury to professional liability and everything in between, insurance claims can be difficult. We have extensive experience representing insurance carriers, insured parties and self-insured clients in a range of matters. Our attorneys have experience providing both first and third party representation for insurance carriers and insureds of major lines of liability insurance including, Auto (BI/PIP/PD/UIM), General, Business Auto Policies, Commercial General Liability, Errors & Omissions, Excess & Surplus lines, Property & Casualty, and Professional Liability.

Our team of attorneys know how crucial reliable coverage analysis is in making an early determination of claims. Furthermore, when representing insureds we understand the importance of an open line of communication and detailed on-time reporting to the claims department.

We have the experience and skills to analyze even the most complex insurance matters. We provide advice and representation related to all aspects of the law affecting the operations of an insurance related business, including evaluating exposure and taking steps to minimize risks. When a claim does arise, we help carriers evaluate coverage, offer suggestions for resolution, and fight for the carrier or the insured in court.

Our team can provide specific help to insurer carriers with:

Coverage Counsel: In the event of a loss, the policy wording will ultimately determine what will and will not be covered. Our team can investigate a loss to see how it aligns with the policy or policies in questions and make a coverage determination. As insureds will often push back against insurance company coverage decisions, it can be helpful to show that a legal team has evaluated your position. In addition, our attorneys can help you either reach a successful settlement or provide a strong defense if the claim goes to court.

Bad Faith Litigation Defense: If a carrier denies a claim, it may be hit with what is known as bad faith litigation. Our team can set up processes to document the claims evaluation process to avoid such lawsuits and, if needed, defend insurers against these claims in court.

Liability Defense: When an individual or business makes a claim against another party’s policy after being injured at a business to pay for their injury, that would be considered a third-party claim. These types of claims are common and the insurance companies we work with bring us on to evaluate them and handle the resulting litigation.

Subrogation Claims: Subrogation involves an insurance company dealing with another insurance company in regards to the payment of a claim. This process can be full of disputes and disagreements between carriers. Our team knows how to help our clients succeed when negotiating with other insurance companies. The process can sometimes be long, but we aim to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Coverage Review: We review policies and endorsements to make sure the insurer offers solid coverage while keeping the itself protected from excessive exposure. We can discuss the terms and conditions being offered and provide advice. We also evaluate potential policyholders to determine what coverage options make sense.

Claims Resolution: Insurance companies get painted as being in the business of making money and doing everything they can to avoid paying claims. We know this isn’t the case. Our goal is to investigate each claim fairly to make sure policyholders are compensated (if they have coverage) and that the amount reflects what should be paid under the terms of the policy. We aim to be transparent in our process. Clients may push back against the insurance company’s offer, particularly if a claim is denied, and our team will work to either reach a settlement or have the courts rule on the issue if needed.